Advvise can help you develop and execute strategic communications plans; improve your processes; use performance measures and indicators; identify and achieve your short and long-term goals, and make decisions that move you closer to your goals. We also offer strategic, tactical, and operational support.


Our experienced consultants have the knowledge, skills, and experience to provide an array of services that can help you get the job done such as:


  • Developing a communications strategy
  • Conducting supporting research
  • Monitoring and evaluating campaigns
  • Executing public outreach campaigns

Outstanding media relations and an extensive background in public affairs are among Advvise's key qualities. Not only does our award-winning team have strong journalism expertise, but also a profound understanding of the needs and processes of the media. Such skills guarantee our clients get the coverage they seek, as well as the ability to influence public opinion and perception.


Main services we provide our clients are the following:



Advvise has a team of experienced copywriters who create content for print, audio, video and online mediums; such services include:

  • Press releases
  • Talking points
  • Speeches
  • Key messages
  • Internal communication
  • Official letters
  • Feature stories
  • Q&As for interviews
  • Newsletters
  • Corporate videos


Media Relations and Monitoring

Advvise has access to local and regional media outlets to guarantee the best dissemination of news possible. The team also conducts extensive media monitoring for clients. Some of the other services include:

  • Maintaining an excellent relationship with the media on behalf of the client
  • Arranging press conferences
  • Disseminating press releases
  • Monitoring all relevant news stories about the client, its competitors and the industry at large
  • Arranging one on one interviews
  • Produce reports to the client that measure media coverage

The Advvise team members are experts in turning your ideas into innovative, time-sensitive visual designs cialis pas cher and TV commercials that will help you meet your strategic goals, establish your identity and present your message to the right audience.

The Advvise objective is to provide you with unique, direct, and captivating creative solutions:

  • Multi media campaigns, including Television, radio and press commercials that will capture and translate your vision
  • Branding and corporate identity (logo and brand development and collateral)
  • Publication design
  • Design for tradeshow exhibits and large-scale signage
  • Promotional materials (pens, hats, lanyards, shirts, bags)
  • Meeting materials (name badges, signage, posters, programs)
  • Print collateral (flyers, brochures, program pamphlets, postcards)


By translating strategic thinking into innovative ideas, the Advvise also develops user-friendly interactive media that meets your needs such as:

  • Website design and development
  • Social Media management

Our senior management at Advvise has extensive award winning experience in CSR, and was among the first in Jordan to initiate social responsibility programs. Expertise and efforts in institutionalizing CSR at Zain won the leading telecommunications company various awards. Among the programs initiated were an Education Fund, a Relief Fund, Training Centers, a regional campaign in support of UNRWA, and supporting the fight against Cancer. Zain’s CSR program has won the company various awards culminating in a Royal Decoration of the Hussein Medal in the First Order by His Majesty King Abdullah.


Advvise’s Managing Partner Suzanne Afanah is actively engaged with several developmental organizations, helping to add perspective to corporations seeking to get more involved with the community. Afanah serves on several boards including:


King Hussein Cancer Foundation

Jordan River Foundation

Jordan Media Institute

The Children’s Museum

The International Women’s Forum


Among the many services we offer, advvise can:


  • Define Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) opportunities
  • Create CSR initiatives that are cost efficient and effective
  • Create CSR client and staff related activities in order to integrate and involve all stakeholders in CSR efforts


The rise of people’s generated news (citizens’ journalism), rapid growth in social networks and their increasing influence, make dealing with social media an essential part of any communications’ strategy. The effective use of social media can significantly extend the reach, impact, and endurance of almost any campaign.


Social media outlets are not just another communication channel for targeted message distribution; but rather much more like gathering places for stakeholder groups.


Our team can provide assessment tools to monitor and evaluate the effect of such outlets and recommend strategies to deal with them.


In certain cases, we can also build creative mobile applications for our clients.

The Advvise team members have managed a great number of events for our clients. We take care of all aspects of logistical and substantive support for your event, from program concept design through agenda planning and production, to facilitation, presentation and preparation of proceedings.


Team members at Advvise have managed events ranging in size from 10 participants to 2,000. Whether your event is a gala dinner, press conference, media round table, workshop, conference, a VIP reception, or a strategic planning meeting for just a few, the Advvise can help you reach your audiences, and create a powerful networking experience.